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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Loving quarell between Suka and Sari about Shri Krishna-Radha : !! श्री शुक-शरी संवाद !!

Suka and Sari lovingly quarell about Youthful Divine Couple Shri Radhe Krishna.

Once In Bahulavana , Sriman Chaityna Mahaprabhu saw a female and male parrot (Sari and Suka) sitting opposite each other on two branches of a tree, lovingly quarrelling about the glories of the Divine Couple, Shri Radha -Krishna..

Suka: "My Krishna is Madana-Mohana, the enchanter of Cupid’s mind."

Sari: "Yes, He is – as long as my Radha is at His left side. Otherwise, He is only Madana (Cupid)."

Suka: "My Krishna lifted Giriraja (Govardhana) on His finger."

Sari: "Because My Radha transmitted power into Him; otherwise, how could He have done so?"

Suka: "My Krishna head is beautifully decorated with a peacock feather."

Sari: "Only because my Radha’s name is marked on that feather."

Suka: "The peacock-feather on my Krishna’s head leans to the left."

Sari: "Because it wants to bow down to my Radha’s feet."

Suka: "My Krishna is the life of the mother Yasoda."

Sari: "My Radha is the life of that life, otherwise Life is empty."

Suka : "My Krishna is world's wish fulfilling jewel."

Sari : "My Radha is the giver of prem and Krishna Knows."

Suka : "My Krishna plays the flute."

Sari : "True its calls only Radha's Name. Or we wouldnot have it."

Suka : "My Krishna is the Guru of the world"

Sari : "My Radha is a wish fulfilling tree 'Kalptaru', otherwise who is Guru?"

Suka : "My Krishna is the begger of Love."

Sari : "My Radha is the waves of Love"

Suka : "My Krishna stays under Kadamba tress"

Sari : " Only because my Radha comes and goes, or he would not stay"

Suka : "My Krishna is Black of the world"

Sari : "My Radha is the world's light, otherwise that black would not be seen."

Suka : "My Krishna is Shri Radha's servant".

Sari : "True, the flute is a witness, otherwise He'd be a mendicant".

Suka : " My Krishna is the life of the world."

Sari : "My Radha is the sweet breeze, which without life cannot remain"

Suka : " My Krishna is the life of the world."

Sari : "My Radha gives life, otherwsie life would not remain"

Suka: "My Krishna is the moon."

Sari: "My Radha is the trap that captures that moon."

Then Suka and sari gave up the argument then Suka says as follows :

Suka: "There is no need to quarrel uselessly. Let us filled with love now chant Hari Hari and go off to Shri Dham Vrindavan and there glorify the Youthful Couple together."

Sari: "I happily agree to this."

This loving quarrel between the Suka and Sari is also described in Govinda-Lilamrita. Here, the male parrot says :

“May our Lord Jaga mohana, whose unparalleled beauty plunders the wealth of patience of an innumerable multitude of women, whose world-famous glory astounds even Lakshmi devi, whose strength turns the majestic Govardhana mountain into a child’s toy, who has unlimited qualities, whose simple disposition entertains everyone, and whose glory substantiates the welfare of the entire universe, protect the entire world.”

Hearing this, the female parrot replies :

Suka, Shri Radhika’s divine love, beauty, dancing, excellent calmness, expertise in music, wealth of good qualities, and poetic compositions, or in other words, Her erudition, are all so attractive that She steals away the heart of Sri Krishna, who enchants the mind of the entire universe.”

The male parrot then says :

“Dear Sari, all glories to Sri Madana-Mohana, the enchanter of Cupid, who carries a flute. He steals the heart of all the women in the entire universe, and enjoys with the gopies.”

After hearing the parrot’s loving quarrel, Sriman Mahaprabhu watched the dance of the peacocks. Seeing their bluish necks He remembered Krishna and became so overwhelmed in ecstatic love that He fell down on the earth in a faint.

::::::Glory be to Youthful Divine Couple Shri Radha- Shri Krishna:::::

I must say all of you will love this so enchanting and heart touching Bengali Bhajan (Although the english translation also provided in this video) in which the Male Parrot Suka and Female Parrot Sari glorify the Divine Couple Shri Radharani and Shri Krishna......The Melody of this song is heart soothing and pour it with Nectar....

Here  is the Youtube link of this Divine n Beautiful Begnali Bhajan.....

  !! राधे राधे गोविंद गोपाल राधे !!

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