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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

!! श्री श्री धाम वृंदावन के श्री मदन मोहन जी !! Shri Madan Mohan Ji of Shri Dham Vrindavan

श्री धाम वृंदावन में विराजित श्री मदन मोहन जी का प्रतिभू श्री विग्रह


श्री करौली नगर (राजस्थान)  में विराजित श्री मदन मोहन जी का श्री विग्रह

हे! श्री धाम वृन्दावन के श्री मदन मोहन जी, आपके श्री चरणों में आपके इस दास की यही अर्जी है कि....

मंदिर में रहते हो मदन-मोहन, कभी बाहर भी आया जाया करो.....
Mukesh K Agrawal
Mukesh K Agrawal
!! जय जय श्री मदन मोहन जी !!
Now a days Shri Madan Mohan ji With Shri Radha Ji and Shri Lalita Sakhi Ji resides in Karauli (Rajasthan).

Due to the Muslim ( in Aurangjeb time) invasion at Vrindavan and Mathura most of the Deities ( Shri Govindadev Ji, Shri Radha Damodar Ji, Shri Radha Gopinath Ji, Shri Madan Mohan Ji) worshiped by the Goswamis were  moved to Rajasthan – Jaipur by the King of Jaipur......Those Deities are still there nowadays. At Shri Dham Vrindavanwe can see nowadays Partibhu vigraha of all Those Deities. But They are considered not different frothe original.....Actually, Shri Krishna never leaves Vrindavan..... Therefore also the Deity never leaves. This is the mood in Vrindavan….

Sri Madana Mohana Ji is presently worshiped at Karauli, Rajasthan..... When the daughter of the king of Jaipur was offered in marriage to the king of Karauli, she very insistently requested that her father send Lord Madana Mohana with her as a dowry, as she was very attached to Him...... Her father was very reluctant and agreed only after stipulating one condition: " Shri Madan Mohan would be placed in room with many other Deities..... Whoever she chose whil blindfolded could go with her to Karauli."

Shri Madan Mohan Ji reassured her by telling her that she would be able to recognize Him by the soft touch of His arm..... By this way, she easily recognized Madan Mohan who still resides in Kaurali till this day.....

It is said that about 5000 years ago, Maharaja Vajranabha, Shri Krishna's great-grandson, had three Deities of Krishna carved....... He never saw Shri Krishna, so the Deities were carved according to the description given by Uttara, the mother of Maharaja Parikshit. He had three different images carved, but none of them were perfect.....

Shri Govinda Dev Ji resembled Shri Krishna's face (Mukharavinda), Shri Madana-Mohan Ji resembled Krishna from the navel down to the lotus feet, and Shri Radha Gopinatha Ji resembled Krishna from the navel to the neck.…
In one book about the temples of Vrindavan, the Padma Purana is quoted saying that to get the full vision of Shri Krishna, pilgrims have to visit and offer obeisances to all three Deities during a single day, while the sun is still up..... Shri Govinda Dev Ji and Shri Radha Gopinatha Ji and Shri Madana-Mohan Ji....Now, Shri Govind Dev Ji and Shri Radha Gopinath Ji resides in Jaipur (Rajasthan) and Shri Madan Mohan Ji in Karauli (Rajasthan)....

Tomarrow..I’ll post here the Darshan of Shri Radha Gopinath Ji

!! Jai Jai Shri Madan Mohan Ji !!
April 28 at 11:23pm · Flag
Radheyshyam Banka
Radheyshyam Banka
Aapne dhanya kar diya. Jai jai shree Radhey !
April 28 at 11:26pm · Flag
Sushma Agarwal
Sushma Agarwal
Radhey Radhey
April 29 at 7:46am · Flag
Vrunda Sakhi
Vrunda Sakhi
jai shree madan mohan ji.....madan gopal sharan teri aayo...radhe radhe.
April 29 at 8:00am · Flag
Harriom Sharma
April 29 at 8:16am · Flag
Himanshu Dev Banga
Himanshu Dev Banga
You share such an invaluable information which is like, "less me and more we". Its is so nice Dear Bro, people cry for name and fame, people cry for success and happiness, you cry only for one and that is my Krishna.~~Jaya~~

कान्हा जी हमे अपना मित्र
नही तो दासो का दास ही बना लो
यूं कुछ कृपा दृष्टि हम पर बर्षा दो

!! Jai Jai Shri Madan Mohan Ji !!
April 29 at 9:09am · Flag
Deena Bandhu Das
Deena Bandhu Das
Madan Mohanji also told her in dream that I will break my flute so you find the Thakurji with the broken flute. So you see in the picture only half the flute as he moved his hands and you can't put it all the way through! Or sometimes they put half in one side and half in the other. Before I knew this I thought it was just an optical illusion that you cannot follow the flute straight with your eyes!
April 29 at 9:18am · Flag
Mukesh K Agrawal
Mukesh K Agrawal
Himanshou.....All glories goes to our beloved Shri Madan Mohan Ji, coz without His Kripa no one Can have love in his/her towards the lotus feet of my lord...

Hugs bro....

Shri Deena bandhu Prabhu ji...Thank you very much for sharing this most valueable info with all of us...I was really not aware about this...When, I saw the half flute of Madan Mohan ji, I thought it must be special kind of small flute...Thanks for enlightenting n hope furture you wil blessed us with ur assositation time to time....

Hare Krishna...Hare Krishna
April 29 at 10:04am · Flag
Swapnil Sharma
Swapnil Sharma
cheen liyo mero bhoro so mann..madan mohan payro madan mohan...madan mohan shri vrindavan chandr...khudaoo ke khuda sarkar shri madan mohan lal ki jai ho sadev..
April 29 at 10:21am · Flag
Amit Goswami
Amit Goswami
Madan Mohan mero bholo bhalo......:-) JAI JAI SHREE RADHEY
April 29 at 10:25am · Flag


श्री मदन मोहन जी के मन्दिर

   !! जय जय श्री मदन मोहन जी  !!

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